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"Resounding Joys Between us Mirror"- thoughts behind the painting

I remember thinking and feeling a lot of things while creating this.  It was made over many sessions of layering.  The sessions were drawn out because I like to let the oil paint fully dry which can take up to a week.  Sometimes I listened to music, which would conjure up ideas and feelings, and sometimes I would sit in silence.  Towards the middle of completion I started thinking about memories. Memories are finicky things. They flitter around in our minds, sometimes staying when we want them to go, sometimes going when we want them to stay.  Why do some stay and others go? Is there a reason, or is it random? 

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"Rotten" Poster Design- thoughts behind the design

Local filmmakers, Sandra Garcia-Arceo, and Katelyn Jones asked me to design a poster for their film “Rotten”. If you're curious about the film, they have a Facebook Page. The first thing I did was watch it and sketch out images or things that I thought would communicate the overall feel of the film.  The story closely follows a man who was having a hard time adjusting to the loss of his wife. I knew that I wanted him to be the main image on the poster because his inner journey was the main story. The movie also has a very lonely feel, so I knew I wanted to have a lot of open space, to communicate that feeling of being...

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