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"The Pride of My Gravity" -thoughts behind the painting

I started this painting on a day I felt particularly rejected as a mother. For as high as my pride and love goes up, it can also come down and make me feel defeated, and really at odds with my little people.  The steadfastness of motherly love never changes, but the everyday dance of expectation, joy, pride, connection, and basic “am I doing this right?” sensation is there.

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2020 Edmonds Art Studio Tour-virtual this year!

I am going to be hosting two zoom meeting times where I’ll show you around my studio, what I’m working on, and answer questions like “but maëry, what is it?”. I have a selection of works available at 20% off until the end of the month, tax included and free local pickup/delivery and free shipping. I hope you can join me on one or both. Just be sure to register ahead of time.

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