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"blind spot" Poster Design -thoughts behind the design

I wanted her hands, like fists, to be visibly gripping the steering wheel, and the look in her eye to be intense and also determined. His silhouette is a little blurred out, and large to reflect that she sees him as a looming force in her life. It is also flat because her relationship with him is going from being tangled up in him, and all the details, to something more clear cut, and defined.

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"Resounding Joys Between us Mirror"- thoughts behind the painting

I remember thinking and feeling a lot of things while creating this.  It was made over many sessions of layering.  The sessions were drawn out because I like to let the oil paint fully dry which can take up to a week.  Sometimes I listened to music, which would conjure up ideas and feelings, and sometimes I would sit in silence.  Towards the middle of completion I started thinking about memories. Memories are finicky things. They flitter around in our minds, sometimes staying when we want them to go, sometimes going when we want them to stay.  Why do some stay and others go? Is there a reason, or is it random? 

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