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"Time Lifted Circumstance" -thoughts behind the painting

“Like splits in a path, fractured and crawling as a web, the choices map my story.” As time passes, my solid memories are dislodged from themselves.  They start to float free in the level of possibilities. Some may call it forget. I may call it selective remembrance.  Time shapes things like the gentle trickling of water.  Steady and predictable.  Constant and pure.  Inevitable and powerful. Plate tectonics are real, but no-one can feel the plates shift.  Even the ones in earthquakes can't believe what they experienced was real.   If I went back in time, would I make the same choices I did the first time around?  Would I blame circumstances, or own my mistakes? Would I even make the same...

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"After the Questions Have Been Answered"- thoughts behind the painting

I played life sized chess with my daughter and her little friend this weekend, and if we stood in the middle of the knee high pieces, we could barely see the game at all.   We got disoriented and really confused about what was happening in the game. I had to scoot us back to the outside of the board so we could see it like we normally do.  From the edge, looking over all the pieces in order to explore our options.   The sentiment of this painting is from the same idea.  The moving parts get so complicated, that we can only make sense of it after it is complete.  

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"A Daring Convince" -thoughts behind the painting

Sometimes words are told to convince me. They take shape and pierce through my assumptions. They prod my intellect. They mush my brain around. I can change because of them. I can be different than I am right now. A riverbed changes with the seasons as the water rushes and trickles. There is a rhythm to change.  It happens all the time around us.  But when you speak to me, the average amount of change amps up and you convince me of what I never thought possible.

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