"Beautify"- Original Abstract Painting

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medium Oil on Canvas


40 x 30" (101.6 x 76.2 cm)

artist statement

Song Lyrics

Ten thousand lilies lined up in a row-

marking the steps that came along once before.

A beach talk sunrise with the best of you;

never have I felt more at peace.

I take my breaths now without pausing-

a steady rhythm following these waves.

I take my days one at a time now-

savoring the parts that make me whole.


A promise is a promise.

I intend to keep it-

to beautify!


I can’t keep claiming I am who I was-

Nothing is ever guaranteed.

The beach mark ripples curve the sand in lines-

laughing at the tracks I pushed a little further down.

I stake my claim, or at least it seems so.

Every little motion is only meaning of intent.

My cupped hand caress lifts the water-

only to watch it trickle back down.


The sand will grind,

With time,

Float up…. 

become dust,

become us.


You can’t keep dragging me down!

I am stronger than that!

A promise is a promise.

I intend to keep it-

To Beautify!"

shipping is satisfaction guaranteed This is a totally unique and original work of art so we ship it to you with love and affection. Shipping times may vary. We carefully package it, insure it, and keep you updated with progress. We love you. We want you to be happy with your new treasure.

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