"Dance of Eternity" -Original Abstract Painting

"Dance of Eternity" -Original Abstract Painting

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medium Oil on Arches Oil Paper

size  12 x 16 " (30.48 x 40.64cm)

artist statement 

The vision kept coming to me, kept slipping away, kept changing. It is of light coming down and crashing like a glowing wave, like a graceful slide. The glow of hope, blur and clarity dancing the dance of eternity. I kept reaching for it and it kept slipping through my fingers. I decided to paint it over and over because it moves like clouds. It is never static. It is some kind of Divine dance between clarity and obscurity; between logic and nonsense, between knowing and wondering. There is a line drawn like a horizon but it is not. It is a line between the dualities that sway inside us. The dream and reality that mixes up and makes us human. The collision that affirms that we are alive! I will keep painting it for as long as it keeps tapping my shoulder. 

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