"Giver of Life" - Original Abstract Painting

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medium Oil on Canvas

size 40 x 30" (101.6 x 76.2 cm)

artist statement


"Your golden mouth and jewel of a tongue,

Hidden flame to burn out the night.

Ignite my core, felt from the inside out.

Giver of life.

Life giver.


My rugged red hands stretch around this world.

I loved the bustle I was in love with the hurt.

Only blood can suck the color from the bruises.

Shifter of might.

Might shifter.


Your body breaks at the hand of our doubt.

You are repaired as time forgets the place.

Our heads can hold only so many bits of earth.

Flitter of mind.

Mind flitter.


My sacred self, so secret and secure.

I was the cloud that would hang behind the moon.

As my memory fades it proves that I am passing.

Sliver of time.

Time sliver.


My flowering folds blossom in the day 

by the love that runs this old place.

Firefly lights string a bead on a strand.

River of Life.

Life River."

shipping is satisfaction guaranteed This is a totally unique and original work of art so we ship it to you with love and affection. Shipping times may vary. We carefully package it, insure it, and keep you updated with progress. We love you. We want you to be happy with your new treasure.

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