"My Heart Feels Safe with You" -Original Abstract Painting

"My Heart Feels Safe with You" -Original Abstract Painting

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medium Oil on Canvas

size 30 x 30" (76.2 cm x 76.2 cm)

artist statement 

"My Heart Feels Safe with You“

 “My heart feels safe with you. 

The dance of my heart, in and out of risk.

Peeking behind my blanket pulled up past my nose.

Seeing what the situation is before I make my presence known.

Sometimes I want to be optional.

I want to watch from a perch,

until I am sure.


When I am sure, my body changes,

my shifts become swift, my coy becomes bold.

And I am out there vulnerable as white skin in the sun.

I am out dancing on the three dots at the end of all my sentences..."


***This is the one and only official painting to accompany the song "Grow Away" by Tether the Star.    Read about that here! 

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