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"blind spot" Poster Design -thoughts behind the design

I wanted her hands, like fists, to be visibly gripping the steering wheel, and the look in her eye to be intense and also determined. His silhouette is a little blurred out, and large to reflect that she sees him as a looming force in her life. It is also flat because her relationship with him is going from being tangled up in him, and all the details, to something more clear cut, and defined.

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"Rotten" Poster Design- thoughts behind the design

Local filmmakers, Sandra Garcia-Arceo, and Katelyn Jones asked me to design a poster for their film “Rotten”. If you're curious about the film, they have a Facebook Page. The first thing I did was watch it and sketch out images or things that I thought would communicate the overall feel of the film.  The story closely follows a man who was having a hard time adjusting to the loss of his wife. I knew that I wanted him to be the main image on the poster because his inner journey was the main story. The movie also has a very lonely feel, so I knew I wanted to have a lot of open space, to communicate that feeling of being...

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