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“Cajole By Glitch” -thoughts behind the painting

Usually we feel like logic is at the center of our understanding. We strive and hide, pull away and lurch forward. Logic is there as an undeniable magnet. A dotted line to follow. A backbone to all our mushiness. Sometimes the distortion is so loud, that we lose sight of the dotted line, and the super fast blurry glitch makes us see something else.

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“No Such Thing As Silence” -thoughts behind the painting

  “No Such Thing As Silence” “Can you hear my voice? A tap at a window. A drop of a pebble. A circle of cadence all wound up together.    Up and down My voice shifts with  The mood that suits.    Sometimes I can see my reflection in ripples around me.  There is no such thing as silence.”   As a child I used to try to be invisible. I would hide so still, trying so hard not to make any noise at all. Then I would hear my stomach gurgle, or my breath scrape the silence. My clothes would shift, or I would hear my eye lashes clink together if I blinked.  I wanted to know what the...

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"Majesty Undone" -thoughts behind the painting

Everyone has their own recording of their own story deep deep inside. I don’t see it in a chronological way.  I see it as facets that sparkle, ever changing and moving like wind chimes in the wind.  Sometimes a storm, when things are really changing in a life.  Sometimes a medium breeze, when life is just chugging along.  Sometimes, like in the twilight of a lifetime, the breeze slows down and there is only an occasional clang of the wind chimes. 

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