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“Cajole By Glitch” -thoughts behind the painting

“Cajole By Glitch” -thoughts behind the painting

“Cajole By Glitch”

“My memory sounds different when you tell the story.

I handed you my heart and you handed me a form. 

Distorted bliss.

What did I sign up for?”


A sci-fi video glitch, where the people flash in abstract and then back again.  A little blurred out time and then back to normal, like nothing happened.  


I was a high school substitute teacher when I was pregnant. There was a cloud of noxious testosterone on a basketball court one afternoon p.e. class. A three bodied roll around outright fist fight made everyone back up in a wave. I asked the wide eyed sweetie boys to break it up, and they jumped right in. It was over. When I called the principal down, the entire class said it never happened. Under direct question, they all pointed to me and made me seem like the crazy sub who had made it up. Even my little bits of sweaty proof were discounted.  My doe eyed sweetie boys that jumped in to stop it turned against me. It was a bizarre feeling, like I lived in an alternate universe. 


Usually we feel like logic is at the center of our understanding. We strive and hide, pull away and lurch forward. Logic is there as an undeniable magnet. A dotted line to follow. A backbone to all our mushiness. Sometimes the distortion is so loud, that we lose sight of the dotted line, and the super fast blurry glitch makes us see something else. And we are led away and back again in a mini time travel spasm at the speed of sixty seconds per minute.



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