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"My Heart Feels Safe with You"- thoughts behind the painting

That moment in time where we decide to really go for it, and live life to the fullest. It’s the moment that we accept that we have flaws, but we don’t care about that anymore. At that particular moment, this is what it would actually look like. Rays of bright color flashing outward from the details.  The yellows and oranges around the edges are those colors, and the detail area in the middle is where this emanates from. That detailed area in the middle represents the single personality. The blue-green on the bottom right is just how it is anchored in time. It is where the light comes from.

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"Resounding Joys Between us Mirror"- thoughts behind the painting

I remember thinking and feeling a lot of things while creating this.  It was made over many sessions of layering.  The sessions were drawn out because I like to let the oil paint fully dry which can take up to a week.  Sometimes I listened to music, which would conjure up ideas and feelings, and sometimes I would sit in silence.  Towards the middle of completion I started thinking about memories. Memories are finicky things. They flitter around in our minds, sometimes staying when we want them to go, sometimes going when we want them to stay.  Why do some stay and others go? Is there a reason, or is it random? 

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