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"After the Questions Have Been Answered"- thoughts behind the painting

"After the Questions Have Been Answered"- thoughts behind the painting

"After the questions have been answered, the parts of your story fit together and make sense.

Harmony but a blink.
The sense fades.
The gaps expand.  
And I am left with an imprint,
ready to take on my world in half thought."
This painting started out as an impression, a diagram of a feeling of things coming together and making sense.  Like placing the last few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  The motion of the feeling is expressed by elements being pushed together and overlapped and weaved through.  It started out very visual.  I could see it before it took form as this painting, which doesn't always happen to me. 
Sometimes you cannot see how things in your life line up until those very last moments when it all comes together.  Then all the little pathways leading up to the end result make perfect sense.  It's as if you can only see it at the end.  Only when it is all coming into completion.  
I played life sized chess with my daughter and her little friend this weekend, and if we stood in the middle of the knee high pieces, we could barely see the game at all.   We got disoriented and really confused about what was happening in the game. I had to scoot us back to the outside of the board so we could see it like we normally do.  From the edge, looking over all the pieces in order to explore our options.  
The sentiment of this painting is from the same idea.  The moving parts get so complicated, that we can only make sense of it after it is complete.  
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