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"Let Me Try" - thoughts behind the song/painting

As I reflect on this process of pairing a song with an artwork I am really quite energized by the complexity. Music is abstract just like my paintings, and when you are able to see and hear the same concept, it is really thrilling. The music is a language just like color and form are a language. The words are the thing that binds them together and solidifies the concept to be communicated. 

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"The Pride of My Gravity" -thoughts behind the painting

I started this painting on a day I felt particularly rejected as a mother. For as high as my pride and love goes up, it can also come down and make me feel defeated, and really at odds with my little people.  The steadfastness of motherly love never changes, but the everyday dance of expectation, joy, pride, connection, and basic “am I doing this right?” sensation is there.

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“The Source of My Intent” -thoughts behind the painting

I chose to include a wide spectrum of color undulating from cool to warm so as to cover all of the possibilities in life.  I also had a wide range of hues for the same reason.  The whole idea of this illustrating a person’s source of intent made it feel even more important to not leave any hue out of the mix, and also to honor that sometimes life can be golden and uplifting and full of good times and sometimes we can get caught in the shadows, or we could encounter struggles.

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