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"Calculated Tenderness"- thoughts behind the painting

"Calculated Tenderness"- thoughts behind the painting

“Only after I am made a fool do I see it...or even think it's possible.

My tenderness is spontaneous.

But not the world, no not the world.”

This painting is inspired by the feeling of tenderness, and how, if it is shown as a cross section here, we can explore it's meaning and function. The light blue lines are meant to be where it is cut.  They are a bit robotic, or machine-like.  This only happens when it is cut into a cross section.  Otherwise tenderness is strands of light.  It is pinching your fingers together and gently stroking the length of your child's hair as they fall asleep on the picnic blanket in the middle of the day at a soccer game... Tenderness is ordinary and at the same time magnificent.  A way to communicate.  When tenderness is examined we realize that it has a place, and a depth.  It has spiritual significance.  

On the other hand, when we get mental, tenderness is a crude series of what we think is socially acceptable motions.  It becomes calculated for an end result rather than coming from a place of sincerity.   

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