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"The Cadence of Reveal" -thoughts behind the painting

"The Cadence of Reveal" -thoughts behind the painting

"As the years pass, the veil lifts. I am entitled to more because I am more.”

We start our life as a baby, precious and round and simple in nature.  As we age, we gain experiences which constantly shape us into something new...something ever-changing. Like light shining on facets of a gem. As we grow old, we grow more intricate and more interesting and more unique! We make ourselves into the shape that we are.  This shape can shine, and reflect and bring light into the world.  It can be a positive influence. It can also suck in the light and make it disappear, which I've known some people to do. 

Whatever shape we are becoming, it is chronological, and goes along an entire lifetime.  Experiences, or maybe rather how we deal with our experiences, are how we are revealed to ourselves. Things don't happen to us.  They happen with us. And for every challenge, and every privilege, we are shaped into who we are because we are able to define ourselves.  

This painting is created with this sentiment in mind. The overarching curved line is the cadence of a lifetime.  The reflective forms underneath are our experiences and how we've been shaped by them. The older we get, the more intricate it is.  

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