“A Logical Deliverance” - thoughts behind the painting

"A Logical Deliverance" -Original Abstract Painting"A Logical Deliverance" -Original Abstract Painting"A Logical Deliverance" -Original Abstract Painting 

“It is the way it is

and always has been,

and that is enough.

The tracking number leads to revelation.”

When I was young, I truly thought that I was the only one in the world to every experience certain things.  I was so sure that I was special and gifted and unique....the list goes on.  It led me to feel disconnected with the people I knew.  It led me to be truly lonely.  I felt very privileged in my loneliness, and very self righteous.  I really felt that no-one could relate to me, and that no-one had any similar experiences whatsoever.  

As I have aged, I see the pattern in life.  I see that we can understand each other about ten percent of the way.  Like an iceberg.  We see the tip top, but what is beneath the surface is much more than we know.  Now I've grown to accept this.  I am fine with being one of many humans on this gorgeous earth. Sometimes you just grow out of the depressions of your youth.

This painting is about growth and the patterns of life.  It started out resembling a stem and blossom, and evolved into merging shapes on the left and right to bring forth the cyclic lines of predictability. 

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