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"Indent Sophisticate" -Thoughts behind the Painting

"Indent Sophisticate" -Thoughts behind the Painting

Indent Sophisticate

The patterns of nature are comforting because they are constant. They are dynamic, and ever changing, but within a fine tuned set of rules…the perfect balance between freedom and predictability.

The sun rises and sets every day, but never the same exact way twice. Swirls of water vapor combine and capture light uniquely just as we see sunsets in accordance to our moods. Some of us interpret grey skies as dreary, but some of us find them cozy. If the sunlight is strong and overpowering, it can make us go outside to soak it in, or scurry to the shade. It all depends on our mood, and perhaps the personal conditionings built up from our life experiences.

When we get lost in the beauty of freedom and chance, our gaze is turned toward chaos and infinity. Sometimes we can get lost in it and think that there is nothing in this world that makes sense. We can no longer see the patterns that will come around again eventually. We have the ability to either forget or not notice the patterns of nature. This can be very disorienting if we stay too long.

This painting is full of the moods of this “recognition”. The repeating hexagonal shapes emulate scientific diagrams, the building blocks of science. They are the patterns of nature that always exist. As the painterly forms dive in and out of light and shadow, the patterns are revealed/obscured just as this “recognition” is revealed/obscured by our mindset.

The horizon line at the top and overarching motion of light and form show that patterns of nature are dynamic and ever changing depending on which direction our gaze is turned.

This painting was revealed to me during the process. As I sat with it at various stages, I was able to ponder things in a visceral way because it was becoming a complex visual entity. I felt like it was leading me to a more sophisticated understanding of the relationship between recurring natural phenomenons and the ever changing moods and mindsets we experience as we are led astray and back again.

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