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"Ebony and Harmony" -thoughts behind the painting

"Ebony and Harmony" -thoughts behind the painting

“Cells swing back and forth to even the playing ground and I witness their soothing occurrence. Sometimes you are stubborn and firm and pristine dark black like the pupils of your eyes. Staring. Standing firm, with fists to match your unbreakable direct eye contact.

Let me tell you, amongst our locked eyes, I can see the harmony evening out all the loose ends...all lost trains of thought. I can see the checks and balances swirling around your hot head. In the end, nature balances everything and in the end, nature wins my friend, nature wins.”

I am fascinated by biology, and when I learned about the regulation of intracellular fluid, I couldn't help but see the parallels to our interactions as part of the human condition.  We can force things to happen in our lives, or we can see that in going along with the natural fluid of life and its majesty, we have a greater result. A result with more poignance and more dignity.  

This painting is a diagram of energy being regulated.  It is a glimpse into the invisible world of natural justice. 

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