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Movement started the feel for the painting "The Peace of Repetition".

Movement started the feel for the painting "The Peace of Repetition".

"The Peace of Repetition"


"The Peace of Repetition,

Only known by going through the exercises of a lifetime.

Wind blowing through the honeycomb of my blaster

of my luminescence

of my linear intentions.

I am tamed by my schedule and the certainty of duty.

But I glow when you look close.

I glow not just in the night, but at all times, seen and unseen.

I glow because I have to.

I glow beneath the duty of this beautiful life."

This idea started out as a movement. My whole body leaned to one side and danced it before I picked up a brush to paint it.  I actually moved and  as I looked at the blank canvas before me.  A cavernous swoop going up to the right, yet lightly pulling across the way with little smoky threads.  

These threads are symbols of the little incidents in life, the sensory experiences that build up over time.  The perspective is that they build up and slip around as memory.  Maybe they are like flipping pages of a book with your thumb.  Maybe they are like moving smoke that folds onto itself according to the air current.  Maybe they are gentle and beautiful wisps of certainty/uncertainty. All these impressions are held loosely in my head.  

One thing is for certain, that the rhythm and repetition of the color and form create peace.  Like the cozy words of a favorite wise friend, or like the repetition of waves on a beach.  




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