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"To Prune + Build"-thoughts behind the painting

"To Prune + Build"-thoughts behind the painting

I recently finished a piece called "To Prune + Build" and I have to say sometimes I really 'follow the muse'.  This is a story where this happened almost every step of the way.  I started out dark and with some movement in mind, and the process of building up form and then taking it away by rubbing paint off with an old rag, or just completely painting over it.  I started playing with light and capturing some kind of flower bud shape.  But then I played with the idea of a flat blue, coming up the the surface.  Blocking the view, not letting us inside to see the mystery.

In the end this piece is very mysterious even to me! But I feel like it captured something inside me that I didn't even know was there.  So as I look at it finished on the wall I am really perplexed by how this idea came out of me.  It feels like it came out of nowhere, but that is because, unlike other paintings that I see first and then paint, I really didn't see this one coming. But I am glad I "followed the muse' because it intrigues me as if someone else painted it.

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