"Origin and Storage of Power" - Original Abstract Painting

"Origin and Storage of Power" - Original Abstract Painting

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medium Oil on Canvas

size 40 x 30" (101.6 x 76.2 cm)

artist statement "Originate in ignition state I recreate the pathway again and again. Originate the cells. Where do they divide and why? I don't know. There is a storage of all new cells in a storage unit from another world. It is kept there and rationed to us here on earth. Here in the thralls of reality. What feeds it? What lets it in? Little dam gateways holding back the flood. Regulating like heart valves or flood gates or rivers. Regulating and reciprocating and delegating and getting everything to function. In the crux of my latest disposition I can hear the gears. The gears that are of a higher understanding. No fear. Just practical. Regulating...mother earth style. I am dwarfed by it and humbled, but I can see it and feel it so that is something."

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